Creature and Character Animator

My name is Marcos Meneghetti, I am a 3D character animator with more than 10 years experience as animator and 20 years in the animation industry as 2D animator compositing. I am proficient in Maya, 3DSMax, Photoshop,  and After Effects.

I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Growing up I was into films, cartoons, football, rollers and hockey. My first contact with computers was in 1986 when I learned basic programming languages. But one day, a friend of mine (Luis Andrade) showed me a software called 3D Studio - DOS  and this was the first step to begin in the animation's world.

In Brazil, I had a great pleasure to work at one of the great studio of animation  - Otto Desenhos Animados - where I knew great friends and artists. Moved to France in 2004 to live with my wife and son, I followed a 2 years training of 3D animation and 3 months of traditional animation. Now I work as a 3D Character animator.

I speak english, french, spanish and portuguese (maternal langue). I like listen to music, video game, miniatures, magic tricks and martial arts.

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